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Other parents tell you how Bonavi strikes in everyday life. For many expectant parents, reviews, reviews and experiences from the circle of friends and family have a significant influence on the selection of their pushchair. Understandable – although you can test many models in the business, still lacking the experience of how the car in everyday life and proven to what characteristics it really comes in daily use. Many families have already tested the Bonavi and share their Bonavi experience with you, On this page, you will find reviews and reviews of real moms and dads who have put the Bonavi through its paces.

Bloggers are testing the Bonavi

Mamigurimi Hello everyone, when the offspring announces, at the latest then all parents are confronted with the topic “stroller”. I remember the time 5 years ago, when we drove from one store to the next in search of the perfect stroller model for us. It should be nice and modern, agile and above all easy to handle. At that time, we were actually happy when the search finally came to an end and we could commit ourselves to a model … read more

Little Years Buying a stroller online – that feels a bit strange to many. After all, the stroller is perhaps the most emotional piece you can get before the child comes. It connects so many expectations with it! Well, the makers of Bonavi were aware of this issue. And yet, they thought the world was ripe for a pram that would do whatever the other premium strollers can do, but only online to buy … read more

Moderiamia The beautiful diaper bag in the typical bonavi blue is for me personally too best travel bag that currently exists. Whether as hand luggage or in the office – I like to wear it very often. Although Liam will be 3 years old in March, I still need a few changing utensils on the go. Because even if the potty has arrived at our place long ago, you have a better feeling as a mom, if you are safe in case of need …. read more

Pregnant in my city From the diaper subscription to the food delivery service: there is hardly anything that our author does not order on the internet. But let a stroller be delivered to your home with a click? Without touching, disassembling and trial-pushing in the shop – but with plenty of time and money saved? That’s exactly the concept of Bonavi. If it works? A self-experiment read more

Bonavi Experiences Every family is different – while some live in the countryside and regularly forest and meadow unsure, the others have built a cozy nest in the city. Of course, when the offspring is there, they need a stroller that suits their living conditions. The experiences and reviews of other parents can help to get an overview of the diversified pram market and get an idea of the product that goes beyond the manufacturer’s description. To get to know our stroller, we have collected for you the Bonavi experiences of moms and dads who have already become part of the Bonavi family.    What makes the Bonavi? The Bonavi is a true all-rounder, which should leave nothing to be desired in child and parent. In order to develop such a stroller, countless moms and dads were asked in advance, which wishes and requirements they put on a stroller in everyday life. In order to make it safe and comfortable for the offspring, midwife Luise Kaller helped with the development of the Bonavi stroller with over 50 years of experience in the job. After countless tests and interviews, the Bonavi finally became a practical 2-in-1 stroller, which is both functional and safe, as well as stylish and high-quality – and that too really fair price. The Bonavi stroller as a longtime companion The Bonavi is a 2-in-1 stroller. That means it comes with a baby bath and a sports seat. So you can use it easily from birth to the age of 4 years. You can put the sports seat on the frame in a few easy steps with or against the direction of travel. So your child can either discover the world in front of him or look into familiar faces. Already in the Bonavi baby bath, your child can gain their first experiences: Just open the viewing windows on the cover and the back of the bath and your baby will be ready Actively perceive and get to know the environment. Always flexible with the Bonavi When you get a baby, you’ll quickly find that flexibility and functionality take on a whole new meaning for you. Because: babies need a lot of time. Every saved handle is worth gold. That’s why the Bonavi has been designed to make life easier for you in as many ways as possible:
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble with less space
  • The front wheels are swivel-mounted and lockable for a safe ride on any terrain
  • With a push of a button you can remove the carrycot from the rack and carry your baby relaxed
  • Your baby fell asleep while driving? No problem. With our adapters you can also attach your car seat on the Bonavi without waking your child!   Always a quiet ride In order to give your baby a relaxed and safe ride, we decided after many tests for foam wheels with integrated air chambers. So we combine the best of both worlds: the suspension of the tires and the robustness of the foam tires. The wheels do not need to be inflated and can not burst even on the stony ground. For even less vibration provides an additional suspension. Here we learned from the experience of the parents we interviewed and installed the suspension in the wheel suspensions. So no dirt accumulates there, which would otherwise be carried into the apartment after a long walk in the forest. pa&; Test the Bonavi at home Reviews and reviews will help you to get a first impression of the product. However, it is important to us that you can test your baby carriage at home in your usual environment. For this reason, you can try the Bonavi for 30 days, make your own Bonavi experience in the field, forest and meadow and find out whether it fits in your trunk or elevator and your entire lifestyle. Should that not be the case contrary to expectations, we will pick it up again within the test phase! Do you want to help other parents find the right stroller and share their Bonavi experiences with others? Upload your most beautiful pictures with the Bonavi stroller on Instagram or Facebook at #mybonavi! pan>

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