The diaper bag is every parent’s secret weapon. No matter if a short or a long trip – diaper bag utensils are practical basic equipment for a mishap or for the care of the child. However, it is tempting to overload your diaper bag; resulting in a heavy bag that may even tip over the […]
A trip with car and child can be just as strenuous as it is exciting. After you have finally packed everything you need and are ready to set off, it’s time to strap your child into the car seat. So, buckle up and go? Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it is not quite […]
Bright and polka dot or a conventional colour scheme? Finding the right colour for your pram depends not only on appearance, but also the quality and properties of the materials used. After all, no one wants their new pram looking shabby after only a few weeks of use. Stains and marks are likely to be […]
Many of us still remember lambskin pram liners from our own childhoods. Is lambskin still a good choice for the pram or is it rather old fashioned? Why lambskin for the pram? Lambskin is a natural option that has been keeping children and babies warm for generations. Lambskin is washable, with special cleaning agents, and […]
Investing in a good pram is something you only want to do once. You’ve found the right pram for you and bought it, of course you also want to be sure that it won’t be stolen. But how can you best protect your pram from theft? Two options for protecting your pram There are two […]
You use your pram almost every day and slosh through mud no matter what the weather? Your child spilled their bottle again or wiped their chocolate covered fingers on the cover? Don’t worry! As all parents know; children and stains come hand in hand. To help you in the fight against dirt and germs we […]
Everyday life with a pram – how do I master steps and stairs? Strollers can be pretty heavy. The weight of the stroller alone can already be a challenge, not to mention the additional weight of a child and shopping. All in all, a stroller often weighs more than you might expect, making it difficult […]
No matter how expensive your pram was, if you want to take your baby for long walks or excursions, it is important to ensure your pram is safe. Any good model of stroller should be able to withstand everyday use. However, regular maintenance is recommended. Going for a quick walk or shopping trip is only […]
Many parents have already mastered everyday life with a stroller. For some, however, the experience is more stressful than it has to be. Here are a few useful tips and tricks for combatting day to day challenges.   Safety first   The first commandment for stroller use is safety. In order to guarantee that you […]
Ist ein Tragetuch eine gute Alternative zum Kinderwagen? Vielleicht habt Ihr Euch schon überlegt, ob Ihr anstelle eines Kinderwagens ein Tragetuch verwenden möchtet und ob ein ein solches Tuch als Alternative zum Kinderwagen wirklich sinnvoll ist. Das Tragetuch ist eine sehr klassische und preiswerte Variante, um den Nachwuchs zu transportieren. Jedoch hat diese, wie auch […]
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