Better a classic wooden pram chain or a modern version with colourful animals and a teething ring? The pram chain serves not only as a toy for the child, but also as an attractive pram decoration which catches the eye. What are the possibilities nowadays? What do I have to pay attention to when buying […]
Carry cot or bassinet? What are they and what is the difference? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the carry cot and the bassinet? What is the best option for you? The choice between carry cot and bassinet A carry cot or bassinet is usually included with the purchase of a stroller. However, when […]
Where is the stroller stored when not in use? Should the stroller be in the stairwell, the hallway or in the apartment? Can a dispute over storage possibilities be avoided? Every living situation is different and presents different obstacles when it comes to storing the stroller. In order to avoid a dispute about the stroller […]
What is a buggy board and do I need one? A buggy board is a board with wheels that is attached to the stroller between the rear wheels. The buggy board is very similar to a skateboard that hangs off the strut between the rear wheels and can thus “carry” a child. The buggy board […]
What is a combi stroller and what is a sports stroller? What exactly are the differences and what will suit you best? Information about the combi stroller Nowadays the combi stroller is one of the most popular stroller models. As the name suggests, it combines two different stroller functions and is thus suitable for the […]
As expectant parents you will face many and various costs. Sooner or later, the question will arise as to whether and how you want to use a car seat. There are strollers that are compatible with a car seat attachment. This means that the car seat can be used as an attachment on the stroller […]
What do I need to consider when my child is sleeping in the stroller? Parents always have something on their minds. You want the best for your child, but unfortunately you can’t switch off and forget all your worries. When lying in a stroller it is usually only a matter of time before your child […]
The long awaited holiday is finally here! But how complicated is it actually to take your child and the pram with you on a plane and on holiday? Is it possible to take the pram with you free of charge or will taking the pram mean flying and the holiday will become too expensive? Having […]
Your baby should be comfortable when in its stroller. In maternity clinics in Germany experienced midwives recommend babies lie on their backs whilst sleeping.  Toddlers and babies do not need raised pillows to sleep when they are young. Instead, the underlay should not be too hard or too soft. But which underlay or liner is […]
Not every stroller is suitable for every body size. That is why there are different prams that offer comfortable use for either very tall or small parents. Which stroller is the best choice for which height and what can you do if mum and dad have a big difference in size? What should you consider […]
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