You’re pregnant? How exciting! But how do you actually calculate your due date? In this article we explain how you can find this out yourself and by which methods. Two methods of calculation There are two ways to calculate the due date: With the help of your cycle By the time of conception. The cycle […]
What should I pay attention to when buying a pregnancy test? Regardless of the manufacturer of the pregnancy test, the result will be most reliable 5-10 days after your period normally comes, the hCG hormone will be very high even if you have a very light period. The tests have different levels of sensitivity, the […]
There are many signs that will tell you if you are pregnant or not and the more these signs occur together, the more likely it is that you are pregnant – you can do a pregnancy test to confirm it. This guide explains how these pregnancy tests actually work, how reliable the tests are and how […]
Before your own pregnancy is discovered or confirmed by a doctor and before it is really visible, there are numerous signs that you can look out for. You might hear “of course, your period is late,” especially often. But even before the first period is late, there are already indications of pregnancy. If these signs […]
In the first two parts we have discussed the right sleeping position for your baby, the best nightwear and bedding. In this third and final part on this topic “the right sleeping environment for your baby” we talk about sleeping in the parents room and sleeping in the double bed. Sleeping in the parents room […]
In order for your baby to have undisturbed sleep, it is important to find the right sleeping environment. In the first part of this chapter we  talked about the best position to sleep in, a suitable bed (depending on the age of the child) and bedding. In this part we will discuss the following topics: […]
Sleep is important for all babies! SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is a terrifying thought for all parents and can make some very worried. Below you will find all the necessary information on SIDS and tips for the best way to put your child to bed and minimise your worries. Belly or back? The […]
The pacifier or dummy is a widely used aid that can give many parents a good night’s sleep. However, more and more often questions are arising as to whether a dummy is good for a child or can be harmful. Even if you as a parent have one idea for your child, your child’s needs […]
Kids shoes are really cute and you will want to buy every pair you see. But when does it actually make sense to buy shoes for babies? Barefoot from the beginning We are used to walking barefoot and your child’s feet should be able to develop freely without being constricted by shoes. When your child […]
Doing the everyday things like shopping can be a real challenge, even without the child and the pram. Fortunately the pram can help you with the effort and not hinder you, you can put all your heavy shopping in it! There is a question of storage space though, where is the best place to attach […]
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