Being shy is a normal phase in the development of your baby. Many parents will ask themselves why their little ray of sunshine smiled at everyone yesterday and is crying in grandma’s or grandpa’s arms today. Almost every baby will go through the shy phase. But why is it so important?   Shy – a […]
You may want to consider which features are particularly important when buying a pram. The adjustable footrest is an important one.   Footrest for the pram – what can it do?   As soon as your baby is able to sit independently and would like to see more during the walks, it is possible to […]
Are you buying a new or used pram? This is a commonly asked question once parents start looking into buying a pram. In fact, the range of prams available today is very broad and this also applies to the price range, some models can be up to four-digits in price. Do you always have to […]
Babies are small and fragile and you may ask yourself what the best way is to hold your child so that it is well supported. Parents’ instincts are particularly good and when you go to pick up your child you will automatically be very careful. There is also no harm in learning how to hold […]
Relaxation is important for you and your baby, a good way for your baby to relax is a baby massage. Using warm oil and gentle hand movements can help to release tension in your baby’s body and help it to feel good.   This is what you need for a relaxing baby massage   For […]
When it comes to your child, mum and dad want to be extra careful, but many manufacturers take advantage of this to market products that are not really necessary and there can be  confusion about what you really need. Referring to something as a an ‘accessory for Mums’ does not really have much to do […]
What actually is a footmuff for the pram? The temperature in both winter and summer can vary quite a lot which can make it hard to know how to dress your baby.The footmuff is often a permanent addition to the pram and is therefore a topic that is talked about quite a lot. The footmuff […]
Your child will spend its time lying down in the pram at the beginning but the backrest of the pam can be adjusted. At first it’s best to adjust it to a half slope, giving your child a view of what’s around it and not changing to a fully seated position too quickly. You need […]
Your pregnancy is an exciting time and in order for you to be prepared, whilst having fun, we have compiled a list of the most important ‘must-haves’ which should help you during this time. “Must-haves” do not refer to the essentials, which you should have ready for when your baby is born but rather to […]
Counting your pregnancy by weeks is mostly what doctors and advisors will use. It important to know what week you are in so you can follow the development of your pregnancy accurately. In order to calculate the week of pregnancy, there are, as in the calculation of the due date, two counting methods: either counting […]
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