Toys for the baby seat – Entertainment for your baby

Toys for your carrier or pram are useful when your baby starts to recognise its environment and look around for things to hold. Car rides can be especially boring for young children but a mobile for the car seat can make sure the baby is entertained and you can have a relaxed journey.

What kind of toys available for the car seat or carrier?


Entertainment on car trips is vital for parents but not all babies fall asleep as soon as the engine starts. There are even children who have real difficulty falling asleep in the car, crying a lot and feeling uncomfortable. A crying baby can distract you while you are driving so we suggest you pull over in a safe spot to attend to your child.


Sometimes it is really just the lack of distraction that is making your baby cry. After the first three months of life, you will notice how much your baby is interested in its environment. It tries more and more to reach for certain things or is attentive when something makes a noise. From this point on, it is worth buying toys for the car seat or baby carrier. Toys can be in spirals around the handle of the carrier or a mobile hanging above it, these have been specially developed for use on the car seat. They have the advantage that they can be attached to the handle meaning your baby can play with it without dropping it or losing it and you won’t have to stop all the time to pick the toys up.


Note: Safety comes first when driving. Even when your baby is crying, you should continue to focus on the road and see where you can stop. Find a safe place and only then attend to your child.


Toys for the car seat – different designs


There is a wide range of toys for car seats, if you browse through the shops you will notice a large selection. The mobile is a very popular design, it is attached to the handle with velcro or elastic and hangs over your baby so it can play with the pieces hanging off.

You can get rattles or material that crackles when moved, noises are a very popular source of positive stimuli for babies.


The spiral infant carrier is similar to the mobile. However, it has a spiral shape and can, therefore, be twisted around the handle and easily removed.  Your baby won’t be able to pull it off even if he pulls the figures with his small hands.


You know your baby particularly well and know best what he or she likes to react to and what can attract his or her attention. With the many different pendant designs for the car seat, the decision is often not an easy one. The mobiles are usually provided with figures, small animals or fairies and knights with friendly faces, flowers and cars. However, there are also individual pendants so you can create your very own set of games and change the toys over and over again. This gives your baby variety and prevents it from getting bored so quickly.


Published on 05.03.2018
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