Footmuff for the baby carrier – drive safely

Do I need a footmuff in the infant carrier? These questions you can actually answer with a “yes”. Most baby bowls are designed to be used for at least nine to twelve months of age. That means, you go with your baby through the cold season and there it should be packed warm.

What’s so special about a footmuff in the infant carrier?

A footmuff for Maxi Cosi and Co. is a special edition. This footmuff is a bit shorter and has openings for the straps and the closure. This allows you to put your baby without jacket in the baby carrier, buckle up and then close the footmuff. Depending on the model, there is the footmuff for Maxi Cosi and other baby carriers either with Velcro or with a zipper. There are variants that are lined with lambskin, fleece or not at all

The footmuff in the baby carrier is usually in such a way that your baby is warmly bedded from head to toe. You can also leave the footmuff open or open when it gets warm in the car. See if the selected model really fits in your baby seat. Some solutions are only approved for certain models of some manufacturers. They then throw wrinkles and are uncomfortable for your baby.

Note: Lambskin is a popular material Products around baby and child. It has the advantage that it is particularly breathable and can dissipate moisture. Also, the cleaning is easy and fast, because you only lambskin brushing off or knocking off.

Why not a jacket and snowsuit in the baby carrier?

The footmuff in the baby carrier should keep your baby warm. It is quite normal for you to wonder if this can not be achieved with a jacket or a snowsuit. At this point, however, it is necessary to point out that your baby should not wear a winter jacket or snowsuits in the baby seat and in the child seat. This has several reasons. If it gets warmer in the car, jacket or suit can not be opened. Your baby is sweating and uncomfortable. In addition, the thick things constrict your offspring. It will no longer be enjoyable driving a car.

Much more important, however, is the safety factor. Due to the stuffed things, which are often also provided with air chambers, the belt can not do its job. If it comes to an accident, then he squeezes the jacket or the suit together. This relaxes him. It can happen that your baby can not be kept in the seat then. The increased stress on the stomach and neck should not be underestimated.

As an alternative to a suit or winter jacket made of thick fabric, you can put your child in the baby jacket but clothes made of fleece or woolly walk. If your offspring does not feel comfortable in the footmuff in the infant carrier, this is a good alternative.

Lambskin, Fleece and Co. – the design of footmuffs

If you would like to buy a footmuff for Maxi Cosi or another infant carrier, then you will quickly notice how big the offer is. Cabinets Your search is best for models and then look, which materials fit well with you. Natural materials, such as lambskin, are very suitable for sensitive baby skin. When your car gets hot quickly, the footmuff does not have to be that cuddly. Here is perhaps also a version with fleece.

Published on 01.03.2018
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