Brakes – safety is important

The brakes on the pram are very important for safety and normally every model has them. However, there is a difference between the handbrake and the foot brake. Some models have an additional handbrake. Is this really necessary?


When do I need the brakes?


So that you can get an idea of what kind of stroller brake makes sense for you, you need to know when the brakes are most needed. When the pram is at a standstill the brake should always be applied, but not all parents do this. Imagine you are walking with a friend, you stop and have one hand on the pram – in this case most parents wouldn’t put on the brakes. Nevertheless, it is recommended to do so, so that the pram is in no danger of rolling away from you.


Applying the brakes is really important when the pram is in danger of moving around e.g. in public transport. The brake should always be used when travelling by bus or by train and as soon as you have safely boarded the transport and found a suitable space for the pram you should put the brake on, otherwise jerky movements can tip the pram over or make it roll away quickly.


Note: Parents are often unaware that they may not be as visible with the pram. Especially when it is foggy or raining outside you might need to apply the brakes quickly.

Parking brake, handbrake or both?


Almost all models of pram have a parking brake, they are located at the rear wheels and can be operated by foot. The rear wheels are then locked when the parking brake is applied. If your pram is a model that can swivel from side to side then the parking brake is on both axles, this way the pram is extra secure no matter how you use it.


The handbrake, on the other hand, is a special feature that is not on a lot of pram models. The prams with the handbrake can be used for joggers and allow you to run fast laps, applying the brake quickly if needed, the feature is not really necessary for a normal use pram.


Some prams have both types of brake, whether you want this or not depends on your own ideas and preferences. If you are concerned about safety you will feel better with an additional handbrake.


Automatic brakes, do you know about this?


Prams with brakes on the handlebar or at the wheels are not uncommon but what about prams with automatic brakes? This is not yet available for everyone but the Technical University of Darmstadt has developed a brake system to detect when a pram needs to brake automatically. Similar safety systems are available from some manufacturers which don’t require electronics, these are specific to a few models only. The idea of automatic brakes is an interesting one.

Published on 28.02.2018
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