Lights for the pram – how useful is it?

Seeing and being seen is not only important for meeting other parents but also for safety in traffic and when you are out and about. If safety is a particular concern of yours then it might be worth thinking about lights for your pram, especially in the winter when it gets dark early.


What are lights for the pram exactly?


Have you heard about lights for your pram? This means that small lights or reflectors are added to your pram so that you can be seen in the dark. Parents often assume that they won’t be outside when it gets dark but it’s not as simple as that, and you may find yourself with some chores to run after it gets dark like buying some more nappies. Maybe your day took longer than expected and you are still outside after dark


Crossing the road can be dangerous, cars can come around corners very fast and if they are not be able to brake in time then this could cause an accident. Having reflectors or lights on the pram can prevent accidents happening, lighting up in the glare of the cars headlights and notifying drivers to slow down.


Note: Parents are often unaware that they may not be as visible with the stroller especially when it is foggy or raining outside, lights and reflectors can help you be seen and avoid accidents.


Lighting solutions


There are several ways to make your stroller more visible. Some reflectors for prams are attached when you buy them but you can also improve your visibility at home. Reflectors can be attached to the outside of the pram with textile glue so you can adjust them and remove them if needed as well.


The mobile LED lights are also very popular. You can simply attach the small lights to the pram. They are equipped with a clamp or rubber band and can be attached to the frame or to the tyre. But you have to remember to turn them on in the dark.


The same applies to a chain of lights. You can put the chain of lights around the pram and make it really visible. When your baby grows up, he will probably also be very excited about these lights.


Who needs a stroller lighting?


There is an argument to say that everyone who is out and about with their pram needs lighting. It increases visibility, gives you a feeling of safety and also looks good. If you know you will be travelling a lot with your baby is it very sensible to invest in some good lighting as part of the essential baby equipment, you can add the chain of lights to your wish list.

Published on 26.02.2018
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