Hair dying during pregnancy

Many women don’t know whether dying their hair during pregnancy is safe and want to know whether the chemical ingredients can do harm to the unborn baby. In fact, there are no clear results from studies thus far as to whether dying your hair is harmful. We have compiled some recommendations below.


Should dying your hair be be avoided during pregnancy?

The roots start to show, your hair is growing out and somehow your whole hairstyle does not look so great anymore? It’s not surprising that you want to visit the hairdresser but you might be wondering whether this will do harm to your unborn baby. The fact is that the chemicals from the hair color can actually be absorbed through the scalp which allows them to enter your bloodstream and be passed on to your baby. Experts therefore recommend not to dye your hair during pregnancy if it is a completely new colour or if it is an initial colouring.

Hair bleaching during pregnancy

Of course, it could be very difficult if you have regularly bleached your hair before pregnancy and now you can see the dark roots coming through. The good news: You don’t have to give up completely. You can have highlights done during pregnancy instead. The advantage of these is that they do not reach the scalp and a good hairdresser works very precisely, leaving a few millimeters from your scalp so the chemicals do not get absorbed by your skin.

Interesting: So far there is no indication that hydrogen peroxide or ammonium hydroxide, which are used for the bleaching of hair, can have an influence on the embryo when applied externally. Nevertheless, many expectant mothers would prefer to forego the possible danger.


Special hair dyes for pregnancy – is that possible?


You may have heard of natural hair colour, this is very often referred to as henna. In fact, hair has been dyed with plant based dyes for more than 1,000 years. Red henna is used for a beautiful red tone, gold tones are achieved by camomile and brown tones by turmeric, but the effect is not quite as strong as with chemical dyes. It would seem logical to go with a natural hair dye when you are pregnant however you should know that no medical research has been done on the effects of the ingredients and the influence they might have on the embryo.


Instead of dyeing your hair during pregnancy, find the right cut


If you don’t want to bleach your hair during pregnancy and don’t want to completely lose your colour, then you can try out a new haircut. Go to an experienced hairdresser who will be able to find the haircut that will suit you best, layered haircuts are very popular and shortening your hair can be useful in concealing the colour change.

Short and layered cuts ensure that the contrast between the roots and dyed hair won’t be so obvious.


Note: Midwives recommend not dying your hair, especially during the first three months of pregnancy and then to avoid highlights.

Published on 23.02.2018
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