These tips ensure safety in your baby’s room

A baby will change lots of things in your life and you will want to make sure that your baby is going to be safe in its bedroom. Often only small things are needed to be changed to ensure safety, we have compiled some hints and tips below.


Safety in the baby’s room – it must be ensured


Baby proofing your furniture and and toys is important, this basically means ensuring that they have no corners. This is not always possible and sometimes edges cannot be avoided, some can be rounded or taped off though. You can buy furniture with rounded edges and pieces that you can get fingers stuck in or pinched by should be avoided as well. Using this checklist you can make sure that all drawers and cupboard doors are secured properly, babies can crawl faster than you think and you don’t want to leave it to late before thinking about baby proofing.


Tip: There are very practical systems that prevent your baby from opening drawers and getting his fingers caught in them.


Windows, doors, bed – designing your childs room


Sometimes as a mom or dad you can’t think that far ahead and envisage where and when an accident might happen. Some babies are very good at climbing and hoisting themselves up, even when they are a few months old they like to reach for the door handles or the radiators. You can keep them safe by installing door guards, these prevent your baby from getting its fingers caught in the door. The windows should also be secured by locks.


If your baby sleeps in the same room as its sibling a loft bed might be practical but can also be dangerous. You can block the ladder up to the top bunk to prevent your baby from clambering up it, it is very dangerous if your baby falls from that great height.


Note: A frequent accident is a fall from the changing table. You need to be vigilant to stop your baby from rolling off, you can also get a changing mat with curved sides that ensures its safety.


Protection in bed – Safety while sleeping


Do you want your baby to sleep in it’s own bed? If so you need to make it safe in the bedroom. During the first few weeks the baby’s bed can still be high off the ground however, as soon as your baby starts to turn and move around the bed or cot should be lowered. It’s best not to have a pillows and blankets in their – instead you can have a bed snake which is a long narrow pillow to keep your baby’s head from bumping into the side of the cot. It’s not recommended to have cuddly toys in the bed either, the best thing to use for keeping the baby warm is a sleeping bag.


Tip: There are sleeping bags with an inlay for extra warmth, as well as models for the individual seasons. This means that you will also find warmer designs, especially useful for the winter, so that it does not get too cold in the baby room at night.

Published on 23.02.2018
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