Doing ports with the pram – make sure you do this

You might want to get fit again relatively quickly after pregnancy, long walks are great but doing some sport with your pram is even better. Find out what you should look out for when buying a pram and when you can start doing sport again.


Sport with a pram – a good model has a lot to offer


If you are planning on doing sports with your pram you need to remember that your baby will be with you and should be well protected. Are you planning on just doing a little work out, having your baby there out of necessity? If so, the pram needs to have different functions than a pram you want to go jogging in the woods or fields with. In order for your baby to be comfortable when you are out doing your activities the pram needs well functioning suspension, you can get specific models with particularly large wheels and a very well sprung frame.


When can you start exercising with the pram?


There are a few factors to take into consideration before you can start exercising with your baby. It’s very important to listen to your body because after birth it will need a certain amount of time to recover. It is not recommended to pursue sport and activities until after you have completed your postnatal exercises. Take it slow, listen to your body and don’t over do it – this can be bad for your pelvic floor muscles and your back.


Not only could you damage yourself, you also need to think about your new baby. It is not recommended to do any sports with the pram during the first few weeks, take long walks and enjoy your time with your newborn baby.

Jogging with the pram – do not underestimate the strain on your baby


If you are going jogging with your pram, it is important it has a brake. It is recommended to only start jogging with your baby after it is one year old and can sit up by itself, we also recommend switching from a pram to a ‘jogger’.


Why should you wait until your child is one year old? The pressure at high speeds which can occur when jogging is dangerous for your baby’s spine. When your baby is born its spine does not yet have the S-shape that adults spines do, the S-shape is important to absorb pressure and is gradually forming in your baby.


Alternative sports to do with your pram


There are several alternatives to jogging. You can attend groups especially designed for women and babies with experienced instructors. During these sessions you will move around the stroller, do various exercises and stretches to support your muscles without affecting your baby. Walking is also a nice thing to do as long as you are not going too fast and the ground is relatively flat.


Tip: Make an appointment with other parents, this will help you keep motivated and on top of your exercises.

Published on 20.02.2018
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