Using the stroller as a car seat

A baby is not only a new member of the family but will also cost you quite a lot. As new parents you will no doubt like to find out ways to save money and keep your budget as low as possible. The pram has been bought, but the car seat is still missing. Can you use the pram as a replacement for a car seat?  

Why a replacement for a car seat?

If you travel a lot by car and want to take your child with you you might notice taking your child in and out of the car seat will affect his or her back. This can be bad for the spine and also requires physical strength from the parents. The car seat can not only be hard to use but is an additional purchase. You might start to think that using the stroller as a replacement for the car seat is not a bad idea….

Stroller as a car seat

Even if the idea of using the stroller as a car seat replacement seems like a good one at first, it is not. If the pram is a travel system, it usually consists of a baby seat for the car and a carrycot which can be placed on the frame. If your child is sleeping in the carrycot you can use it instead of a baby seat when you go shopping or for a short walk. It is not possible to use the carry cot as replacement for the car seat.

However, there are a few exceptions. Some manufacturers have now produced baby seats that can be brought into the reclining position. Many people say that the sitting position in the baby seat is not good for your child in the long run but it’s better if they can be made flat. This is only permitted if the baby seat is not used in a car but only as an attachment to the frame.

When should I not use the stroller as a car seat?

If you do not buy a system that includes the car seat in the set, you cannot use the stroller attachment as a car seat. This is forbidden and a great danger to your baby. An investment in a good car seat should therefore be bought.

Published on 19.05.2017
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