When putting together the list of things you will need for your baby, you will ask yourself whether you really need some of them. This also includes the pram blanket. The light blankets for the pram are popular accessories and their different designs will give your stroller an individual character.   What are the advantages […]
Toys for your carrier or pram are useful when your baby starts to recognise its environment and look around for things to hold. Car rides can be especially boring for young children but a mobile for the car seat can make sure the baby is entertained and you can have a relaxed journey. What kind […]
Do I need a footmuff in the infant carrier? These questions you can actually answer with a “yes”. Most baby bowls are designed to be used for at least nine to twelve months of age. That means, you go with your baby through the cold season and there it should be packed warm. What’s so […]
The brakes on the pram are very important for safety and normally every model has them. However, there is a difference between the handbrake and the foot brake. Some models have an additional handbrake. Is this really necessary?   When do I need the brakes?   So that you can get an idea of what […]
Seeing and being seen is not only important for meeting other parents but also for safety in traffic and when you are out and about. If safety is a particular concern of yours then it might be worth thinking about lights for your pram, especially in the winter when it gets dark early.   What […]
Water retention during pregnancy is not uncommon, your body can sometimes store too much water in its tissues which can cause swelling. In the last third of your pregnancy water retention and swelling is especially likely.   Possible causes of water retention during pregnancy   The high water retention during pregnancy is also known as […]
A baby will change lots of things in your life and you will want to make sure that your baby is going to be safe in its bedroom. Often only small things are needed to be changed to ensure safety, we have compiled some hints and tips below.   Safety in the baby’s room – […]
I’m sure you will want to do everything right during pregnancy and make sure your baby is well looked after. It has been scientifically proven that an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals is important for mothers and babies, but you might ask yourself whether you have to take vitamins during pregnancy.   Vitamins during […]
Many women don’t know whether dying their hair during pregnancy is safe and want to know whether the chemical ingredients can do harm to the unborn baby. In fact, there are no clear results from studies thus far as to whether dying your hair is harmful. We have compiled some recommendations below.   Should dying […]
You might want to get fit again relatively quickly after pregnancy, long walks are great but doing some sport with your pram is even better. Find out what you should look out for when buying a pram and when you can start doing sport again.   Sport with a pram – a good model has […]
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